CEOs in the making 

Working, even while on vacation.

We are prepping up this bad boy for the county fair

Tomato Plants

We follow the produce we send right to your door

We take our work home with us...Watch out for those falling pomegranates 

Vibo, the grape man

The sales rep checking out the goods no matter where, Italia, the birth place of the founder

We reduce waste..

Steve, our fruity colleague.

The only thing we don't sell....

Scouting for sales, not sure what we are about to sell here..

Experimentingwith weed before the big burst 

Ohh yeah, we also sell and ship nuts..

Always have a little cock near by for good luck 

Eat, sleep, and smoke green... or red

Andrea, old employees

Bathroom break inspiration

The other founder, from Canada.. Oh Canada

Child labor laws.. Don't look, Trump would be proud of all American workforce

Always tasting and looking at produce